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Prophecy Girl has a really shitty day...AND THEN SHE MEETS AL GORE!

Seriously. I don't even care about the shitty stuff anymore. I found out yesterday that one of my all-time favorite people/actual winner of the 2000 presidential election (my very first election!) was going to be signing copies of the book version of An Inconvenient Truth at a bookstore about 2 minutes away from my place of employment. I, of course, immediately hurried over to said store to buy my copy and pick up my "line ticket" which ensured I would have a place in line, but not necessarily that I would get to meet Al. As is frequently the case, I was apparently a bit slow on the uptake because my line ticket put me in group "L." Starting from the letter "A," each group had 50 people...meaning there were between 550 and 600 people already ahead of me in line. Typically, this is not where I like to be the grand scheme of things.

I rushed over to the bookstore right after work today and, as I often suspected, found that Al is apparently slightly superhuman when it comes to getting the job done. He got through those first 600 people in about an hour and 15 minutes (the line was to at least letter "R" by the time I showed up). Because apparently I was due for a stroke of good luck, a girl I went to college with happened to be the one handing Mr. Gore the books to be signed. So even though he didn't personalize anyone's copy, she was nice enough to say, "Here's Becky's copy," when she handed him mine. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Al Gore heard my name (for the two of you who don't already know, yes, I'm a Becky by birth). He signed it, shook my hand, and I said, "I very much enjoyed your interview in Rolling Stone. I just read it last night." And yes, I sounded just as dorky when I said it as it sounds written out. But he thanked me and smiled and then I had to get out of the way because my parents happened to be behind me in line (what are the chances?) and they said things like, "Excellent movie," and "We've already written to all of our congressmen," which kinda made my Rolling Stone comment seem lame. But I didn't really have time to tell him that he was the first presidential candidate I ever voted for and that I have actively pushed his movie both here and on MySpace and also I that loved that sketch he did on Saturday Night Live and about a hundred other things that if I'd ten minutes with him...but alas I had only about 2 seconds.

Speaking of Rolling Stone, I initially picked it up because Johnny Depp was on the cover, but I was delighted to see that Al had an interview inside...and it was damned good! I mean, damned good! You can read it here and then you will again lament the fact that he was not our 43rd president.

Also, no one was allowed a picture with Al, but several people snapped cell phone pics. I was among them, but I quickly found out my brand new pink Motorola Razr has the shittiest camera in the history of phones. Or maybe I should have cleaned off the lens or something. Whatever. You can still totally tell it's him.

But what's an Al Gore post without some good environmental info? If you haven't seen the movie, go flog yourself, and afterwards, check out this. Also, hooray for college roommates!! Kathryn, sent me this highly appropriate article a couple days ago.

Dude, I can't believe I met Al Gore. That's just awesome.

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Blogger Elena W said ... (2:49 AM, August 01, 2006) : 

Hurra!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, either, Pg, or should I start to call you Lucky Girl, or what?? Freakin' Al Gore, that's all an experience, even I find him attractive, who knows, next step: Gyllenhottie or White House, be ready ;). In a TV Spanish debate they said he lost 2000's elections in cause a "excessive" attack against Bush whom branded as'renegade rightwing extremist', is that true?


Blogger Linna said ... (5:11 AM, August 01, 2006) : 

I'm glad that your day improved, PG!! And I can't believe that you met Al Gore, that is so cool!! I really want to see the film, but it's not in theatres here yet, so don't be angry, OK! I've ordered the book though, but it seems like it's in demand, cause it keeps running out before I get it :(

Both articles were great, the one from Scotland really scary. We've had a beautiful summer over here, lots of sun and warmth, which is nice, but also a bit frightening, makes you wonder if it's just a one time thing, or if the climate is in fact changing... I liked the way he made a point about it not being too late to turn things around, otherwise I would have been really depressed... Now, at least there is still some hope, right?

Man, I wish he was your president!!


Blogger Nothing Really Matters said ... (6:45 AM, August 01, 2006) : 

Sorry about your shitty day PG hope you have a better day today!

How awesome is that, you got to meet Al Gore. I would have voted for him if i lived in the US.

Is your frind the girl on the left in the white top?? It looks as if someone has cuffed her hands in the secound picture!


Blogger Becky Heineke said ... (7:57 AM, August 01, 2006) : 

No, my friend's the one on the right in the black top. You can't really see her at all...stupid camera! If I'd known, I would have snuck in my digital. :) She's more of a friend of a friend, but she remembered my name, so yay!!

Kendra, Gore actually won the 2000 presidential election, but because there was some dispute regarding the ballots in Florida, the issue remained undecided for several months and then went to the Supreme Court. They ruled that Bush was the winner, even though subsequent recounts in the state proved that Gore, in fact, won. Bush's brother Jeb is the governor of Florida and there was a lot of voter fraud in that state, people (mainly African Americans) being turned away at the polls for faulty reasons, confusing ballots being given to old people...I mean seriously. It was messed up.

Interestingly, in the last issue of Rolling Stone there was an article about Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s investigation into the 2004 election, and he found that Kerry probably would have won if not for voter fraud committed by the Republicans (!). Basically, Bush stole two elections! I'm going to post that article in a few days.

So, that was a long was of saying that Bush most certainly is a "renegade rightwing extremist," but that's not why Gore "lost." Republicans are actually notoriously much worse about slandering other people than Democrats.

Linna, OK, I guess I can't be mad if you don't actually have the ability to see the movie. :) But I think you'll really enjoy the book. It's basically the movie printed out on paper and yes, wasn't that Scotland story scary?! Also, I was really excited about the Rolling Stone article because he was essentially just putting it all out there. None of this political side-stepping of issues. Tell it like it is, Al!


Blogger The Real Me said ... (8:08 AM, August 01, 2006) : 

I'm so stoked you got to meet the infamous Al Gore!! An Inconvenient Truth is a great book, that quote from Archibald MacLeish about seeing the Earth as it truely is, is so beautiful.


Blogger britpopbaby said ... (8:09 AM, August 01, 2006) : 

You have time to stalk Al Gore too? I'm amazed! Was his hand clammy? I will watch that movie when it shows it's bloody self on the UK shores - and cos you recommended it months back not cos Pops told me to watch it.

You're now officially the only person I know who has met someone famous worth meeting. I myself have met Leo Blair but I don't think that counts.


Blogger Becky Heineke said ... (10:40 AM, August 01, 2006) : 

^^^ Dude, that so doesn't count. Heh. His hands were very manly and not at all clammy. I always pay attention to such things because of that one time I shook Stephen Segal's hands and they were like a goddamned baby's. It seriously creeped me out. Al is definitely the best famous person I've met on my very short list of Famous People I've Met. Well, running into Jonathan Rhys-Meyers at the mall that one time was kind of awesome, but it's not like he's one of my heros or anything.

Amerika, isn't it a great book?! At first I was beating myself up for not having it sooner, but I was glad it worked out that I didn't have to buy a second copy just to get one signed by the author. :D


Blogger JoyceDavenport said ... (10:45 AM, August 01, 2006) : 

Hey PG- you must be attracting famous people karma by hanging out at JakeWatch- first we get Gyllendaddy talking to us and now you meet Al Gore- can the Gyllenhaal be far behind?

I have spent a weekend at a popstars house -not 'with' the popstar tho'his girlfriend and my friend who was his ex were there too. Band called the Shamen from the 'Ninties. Also I used to go clubbing and met lots of famous DJ'S and Musicians- Moby- Orbital- Andrew Weatherall, loads of American DJ'S- got lots of them on Myspace now!. Saw Billy Connolly before he was mega famous in the local scout hut with about 50 people there. got a chrysanthemum from ballerina Margot Fontayn's bouquet when I was little...and I met Noel Edmonds on a Radio One Roadshow!

Is Gore likely to run again? I've been watching the whole of the West Wing on DVD recently and thinking how weird it must be for you to watch what could have been and then look at what is.


Blogger Simon Agent 002 said ... (10:49 AM, August 01, 2006) : 

"Gore actually won the 2000 presidential election"
Thanks PG for pointing that out as I was just about to when I saw your response.

In the total nunber count of votes actually cast Gore won...even if you don't disupte the Florida results.

We have what is called an Electoral College System...not a direct vote.
It dates from the founding of the country...When election results traveled by horseback from each state....

People don't vote as such...but it much more like a poll...(it's a polling booth I enter to vote here in CT)

This system on rare occasions has produced odd results such as the 2000 election.

Each state depending on size of population is allotted what is called "Electors" my small state of "Connecticut" has what I believe is 7 "Electors"....a state with a larger population like "Texas" has 34 "Electors"

So in theory if every single person in my state that could possilbly vote took the time and stood in line and voted...the winner of my state would still recieve just "7" votes.

But how about Texas?...they have many more people there!
And lets say for arguement sake that they are fat , dumb , and happy ( sorry Texas Bush issues here )...few care or even bother to vote...most of the voters stay home and sleep in...zzzzzzzz.

One lone Texan shows up to the polls.

Still all 34 electors are awarded to the "winner" of that state.

Did that make any sense? I know many Europeans get confused by this confuses me for that matter!...and there is yet more detail which I could go into but, that is the basic crux of how it works.

Now I want my "I Voted Today" sticker for attempting to explain all that! PG you have the connections in high places how about it?


Blogger Simon Agent 002 said ... (10:55 AM, August 01, 2006) : 

Oh PG sorry I forgot to tell you...
keep the signed book on your desk at work...
It's a subtle way to let your boss know you have friends in high places. They might think twice before they berate you next time ;)


Blogger Linna said ... (11:11 AM, August 01, 2006) : 

:) I'm so happy you're not mad at me, but I seriously cannot wait to see the movie! I believe it to be one of those experiences where everything you suspect becomes proven to you in facts. I got message that the book was delivered today, just have to go and collect it! :)

And thanks to Simon for explaining that. Your voting system often confuse me when it comes up, even if I had a teacher in high school who tried to explain it, it still seems like such a complicated way to let people say what they think. Over here we just have a 4% bar to get into parliament, and we mainly vote for parties more than for individuals, although I guess the party leaders play a quite big role in it all...


Blogger Nothing Really Matters said ... (12:40 PM, August 01, 2006) : 

It seems silly that you are voting for two different people and the one that gets more votes doesn’t win!


Blogger Simon Agent 002 said ... (12:53 PM, August 01, 2006) : 

^^ tell me about it! doesn't happen that often.
I think over the last 200+ yrs it occured one other time... Lucky us, Lucky world it had to happen in's a curse I tell ya!


Blogger Becky Heineke said ... (1:22 PM, August 01, 2006) : 

^^^ It is. It's just ridiculous and right after the 2000 election there was all this talk of reforming the system and then (obviously) it didn't happen. Also, Simon, you are right. I should totally focus on my new-found friends in high places rather than my work environment! It makes me feel much more important. :D


Blogger Agnes said ... (3:06 PM, August 01, 2006) : 

I will watch that movie when it shows and I want to read the book too, have to look for it.


Blogger Nothing Really Matters said ... (3:51 PM, August 01, 2006) : 

The closest time I’ve been to a president is when Clinton drove past me when I saw in Washington. I also when to the Whitehouse and had a look around! He may have even been there!


Blogger Becky Heineke said ... (3:51 PM, August 01, 2006) : 

On a completely unrelated note, look what fun can be found on Technorati! My most contraversial post (the one on Bush's low IQ) has led to a link from this blog to Chad's MySpace blog which is exactly the same as Chad's other blog. (I'm one of the "this lady"s at towards the end.) Chad is a little more to the right than I am, and I am feeling a great sense of pride and accomplishment now that I have, in fact, pissed off a conservative. Back down, Chad. I'm fairly certain I'm more pissed off than you are. ;)


Blogger Becky Heineke said ... (3:59 PM, August 01, 2006) : 

Also, nrm, you saw Clinton? Way cool! My parents met Jimmy Carter at a book signing and I was always jealous of that. I don't think I've seen any presidents in person. I did see the Queen once.


Blogger The Bearded Lady said ... (4:03 PM, August 01, 2006) : 

Haha...I love what we had to say!...those Republcians for fat assed elephants have a very thin skins...
Too bad for them. At least their heads are thick.


Blogger Elena W said ... (5:12 PM, August 01, 2006) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Blogger Elena W said ... (6:36 PM, August 01, 2006) : 

Kendra, Gore actually won the 2000 presidential election, but because there was some dispute regarding the ballots in Florida, the issue remained undecided for several months and then went to the Supreme Court.
So true words! I already knew there were some serious rigged elections (a shameful and embarrasing recounting votes system which led citizens to more confusion if that was possible) and I was struck with Michael Moore "Fahrenheit 9/11" about some dark aspects of American politics, do you remember the newspaper headline Moore altered to give us the impression Al Gore was the "real" elected President? Woah, what a fraud, not only for you, yankees or democrats, it was a very sad fact for all the world citizenship, because believe it or not, many people, at least in Europe, have looked up to America with starry eyes, as a democratic and progressist example, and all that process was disheartening, but now we should put things in perspective, and pray (or trust if you're an agnostic like me) for a next change in political actions.
I've read "Soft Power: The Means to Success in World Politics" (in Spanish "El Poder Atractivo: El Significado del Éxito en la Política del Mundo") by Joseph S. Nye and corroborated some points I had thought. Now I want to read his last work "The power game: a Washington Novel"; back to the topic, I had felt honored by meeting Al Gore, you're a lucky girl as I stated before, because you met in person someone so important to your political beliefs, and you'll always remember that day;)! Counting down the days, Dubya, counting down...
P.S.: I'm going to download "An Inconvenient Truth", since it seems so controversial and was so decisive for you. If it doesn't contain subtitles I won't understand all of it, but sure I'll catch the gist of it.


Blogger Simon Agent 002 said ... (9:41 PM, August 01, 2006) : 

Kendra I've come to the point where I've lost faith with politicians. I think the best bet for progress is to get involved in the issues of the day support those.
It seems overwhelming at times as to which do you devote your attention to first? the environment is a pressing one's not gonna wait until anyone gets around to it.
We need to get serious about taking steps now.
But I can't help but wonder had we a more responsive government that something may have started 10 yrs ago?....The real problem is the lobbyists , the money , the corporations...they set the agenda.
Right now our beloved government is opening trucks cars searching people on the Canadian border....our custom agents haven't made such efforts in policing our borders since maybe the 50's...
What are these agents stopping from coming into the country?...terrorists?...heroin cocaine?..illegal immigrants?....nope!...prescription drugs...made by American drug companies...which cost for some reason half the price of the same exact same drug here.
What motivates the FDA? personal health? or rather protecting the business interests of Drug companies. I don't have any doubt which. The heads of these various agencies then retire from their government jobs and end up on the boards of the very companies they were once responible to be a public watch dog of?...
But why be cynical? a matter of just months it will be "Presidents day"....grab a flag and wave it! hurrah!


Blogger Agnes said ... (6:07 AM, August 02, 2006) : 

I read the interview. This blogging thing is not a bad idea. You get to have funny conversations about for exampel Jake and you also get to learn about important stuff. thank you PG an you other bloggers :)


Blogger matt of comooxdom said ... (7:37 AM, August 02, 2006) : 

Great post - you can almost feel your emotion in the post - you were excited about this weren't you...?

I went to school with somebody called bill gates? does that count?


Blogger Linna said ... (8:07 AM, August 02, 2006) : 

I got the book! Hurray!! :)


Blogger Linna said ... (8:11 AM, August 02, 2006) : 

And you should be proud of pissing off conservatives! Keep doing that! ;)

I really don't care if the whole "Bush is proven to have a low IQ" is fake or not, the man is stupid - for SO many reasons!!


Blogger Hill said ... (10:58 AM, August 02, 2006) : 

Hey PG,

Promise to leave a RELEVANT comment soon, but for now I just wanted to let you know that I have had to password protect my site. (Don't ask.)

Email me at

withsocrates@hotmail[dot]com if you want password info.

Cheers for now,


Blogger Becky Heineke said ... (11:28 AM, August 02, 2006) : 

I'm so going to have to pull a Blogging for Scraps here...

Kendra, you'll have to tell me what you think once you see it! LOVE Fahrenheit 9/11 and I'm so glad you've seen it. ;)

Simon, EXCELLENT point on prescription drugs and the priorities of border control workers. I should write a post on that.

Agnes, I know exactly what you mean! I actually feel so much more informed on so many levels since I started writing/reading blogs.

BFS, no, it doesn't count and what? Me? Excited? Never.

Linna, YAY for getting the book and I totally agree that pissing off conservatives should be something I strive to do on a regular basis. :)

Hill, good God! I just e-mailed you. I apologize for whatever shit you're dealing with right now. :(


Blogger The Bearded Lady said ... (2:21 PM, August 02, 2006) : 

Dear Prophecy Girl,
I have overpopulated. What do I do now? any suggestions?
Thanks, TBL


Blogger Becky Heineke said ... (3:21 PM, August 02, 2006) : 

Oh TBL, people ask me this question all the time. First, for the love of God, stop populating! Apparently, this is surprisingly difficult, although having not populated much myself, I guess I shouldn't pass judgment. Then make sure your already-populated populace stays in school and doesn't get involved in drugs, because that's the most important thing ever. And lastly, accept that your final years will suck royally due to your population and plan accordingly. Really, TBL, you? I'm so disappointed. ;)


Blogger The Bearded Lady said ... (4:30 PM, August 02, 2006) : 

I could take up smoking again?...hasten my demise...and savor relaxing tobacco at the same time?
tho the taxes are even making that pursuit a luxury. hmmm
Is there anything else I can inhale that I might enjoy?....hmmm but no , they all add to CO2 emissions compounding my problems....there's got to be away? I just haven't thought of it yet
Drinking?...crops are grown to ferment...thats good reducing CO2....belching tho would be bad as methane is a greenhouse the have a non-belching beer?
I see this is not gonna be as easy as I first thought huh?


Blogger The Real Me said ... (10:21 AM, August 03, 2006) : 

Amerika, isn't it a great book?! At first I was beating myself up for not having it sooner, but I was glad it worked out that I didn't have to buy a second copy just to get one signed by the author. :D

Bit delayed BUT, I was actually surprised by my willingness to read this book basically because I barely read enough!! However my friend, who by the way you would have a lot in common with, is obsessed with the greatness that is Al Gore and prays and hopes that one day he will be the president hehe, he told me I had to read this. I read it and was totally impressed, so impressed I sent a letter of support to the campaign to urge Al to run for President in 2008! Doesn't seem like he seems interested though.. can we really blame him?

Bush is an idiot! :D :D


Blogger The Bearded Lady said ... (11:43 AM, August 03, 2006) : 

"Bush is an idiot!"

^Yes that fact hasn't been one of life's more subtle obscure mysteries...
What frightens me tho, is how far in life that quality has taken him.


Blogger The Real Me said ... (3:04 PM, August 03, 2006) : 

TBL that is oh so true.. andddddd, I couldnt help myself!! ;)

I like to use his infamous -caught on camera and didn't know it- line to highlight it..

"I'm just going to make it up.."

Uh duh.


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