Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Earth Day! (Again!)

Greetings, fellow citizens of this planet, and thank you if you happen to be one of the few stumbling across this once-yearly posting of mine (which I do mainly out of narcissism and stubbornness, and not because I'm really contributing much to the conversation at this point).

Let's be honest here:  human overpopulation is not a popular topic right now.  Like most things that ride the wave of public consciousness, interest in it has ebbed and flowed over time, and we are at a point where the fashionable argument is that our numbers may soon start declining

And...I don't know?  MAYBE?!  Absolutely, it is possible.  But also absolutely, none of us alive today will be here to see if a great depopulation era comes to pass.  What we have to work with is the here and now, and the here and now makes it clear that we, as a species, are far from problem-free inhabitants of this earth.

Regardless of what may happen in the decades and centuries ahead, our numbers are currently still increasing, as are the pressures we are exerting on our environment and our limited resources.  So today, regardless of where you may stand on the issue of the future, I extend a gentle reminder to stay in the present, and do what you're able to live the best life you can.

Be kind to your home base.  It will almost undoubtedly outlast us...and if that's not enough to humble you this Earth Day, then consider that cockroaches, crocodiles, and countless other species probably will too.

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