Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Yearly OP Earth Day Post!

Important things this year, OP-ers!

For one, I can only post that picture of the Earth so many times. And by "so many" I mean "once," because twice in a row would look weird. So instead, this year I will post a picture that is peaceful in its composition, and green in its color. Much as we'd like the Earth to be! (Metaphorically.)

(I see Blogger is still doing that thing where it sticks your pictures at the top of your post no matter where your cursor is when you click the picture icon, and then you have go into the html view to change it. Oh, Blogger! How I miss you!)

Secondly, and much more importantly, though I was the first person, ever, in history, to talk about human overpopulation (the concept and term both of which I, personally, invented), my movement has reached such heights that now others are following my lead and writing books about such things. I am dedicating my 2009 OP Earth Day post to Pentti Linkola, who has written an honest and truly sobering assessment of our population problem. His book is Can Life Prevail?, and while it's out of print on Amazon, you can buy it here and read more here. Click away!

And lastly, I say to my fellow humans exactly what I said last year...we've only got the one. Let's not screw it up for ourselves, shall we? Happy Earth Day!

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