Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eh, I'm a couple of days late...

...but I'm doubtful anyone will notice. :)

This year's Earth Day came and went somewhat quietly, slightly upstaged by sharing the date with Good Friday.  I was driving to a meeting on Friday afternoon when a DJ on the radio said she had planned to ask listeners to call in and share tips for green living, but then decided against it since she herself did absolutely nothing that was environmentally friendly.  Because that makes sense:  She doesn't do anything and therefore she shouldn't ask anyone else what they do.  Somehow she managed to twist the message of Earth Day and make it all about her.

In last year's post, I whined about an overwhelming amount of information; this year I might complain that everyone is so focused on themselves that we're all starting to lose sight of the bigger picture, yours truly included.

Even though I did not take the time I should have on Friday to stop and reflect on how insignificant I am (we all are) in terms of the size and age of the planet we live on, that is something I am striving to do more often.

But because I'm only human and like to focus on myself just as much as the next person, I'm also going to offer myself a congratulations for going three years now without having used a plastic bag at the grocery store.  Go me.

So yeah.  Suck on that DJ lady...

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